Czech Parliament votes to return confiscated church property

8 november 2012

The Czech Parliament voted last Thursday a law to return church property that was confiscated by the communist regime after 1948. The center-right Government of Prime minister Petr Necas obtained a majority in Parliament: 102 out of 103 present deputies approved the necessary legislation. Altogether 17 church communities will take back immovable properties worth the equivalent of some 2,9 billion Euros. In addition, the law envisages handing churches financial compensation worth the equivalent of 2.3 billion Euros over a period of 30 years.

Czech Parliament votes to return confiscated church property

Our interventions

A pasture in Southern Albania“Pronësi me Drejtësi” and “Bregdeti” have been vocal in denouncing abuses with handling of property rights and in proposing constructive solutions to a long due just solution of this problem in Albania. I just posted some of our latest interventions. Have a look here.

Bregdeti reiterates its demands to the World Bank

The World Bank & Inspection Panel's headquarte...After receiving a superficial and unsatisfying reply to its letter of September 28, Bregdeti wrote back to express its regret for such a missed opportunity to reflect on the errors and wrong orientations contained in the Issue Brief “Governance in the Protection of Immovable Property Rights in Albania: A Continuing Challenge”, second edition, April 2012, whose recommendations are in conflict with the Albanian Constitution, articles 41 and 181, and fundamental rights, namely the property rights. Vazhdoni leximin

Bregdeti disagrees with the World Bank Issue Brief on Property Rights Management in Albania

In April 2012 the World Bank published an Issue Brief “Governance in the Protection of Immovable Property Rights in Albania: A Continuing Challenge“. Bregdeti Association points out that the World Bank’s recommendations violate Articles 181 and 41 of the Albanian Constitution of 1998. In an effort to attract the attention of the higher World Bank authorities with respect to the errors and contradictions of the report, Bregdeti wrote on September 28 to the World Bank Director, Dr. Jim Yong Kim. Vazhdoni leximin